G Adventures – *THAILAND*, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Thailand –

2nd November 2018

Me and Abby arrived in Bangkok a few days before we were meant to be going on the G adventures tour and it was the best decision we made! We got to explore parts of Bangkok which we would eventually come back to and look forward to once again. Bangkok was full of colour, culture and lots of alcoholic buckets! Trust me when they say what happens in Bangkok … they lie! It all follows you.  Its full of bad decisions which actually end up being the funniest stories.

When we got to Bangkok we were greeted by a 50 minute wait for a taxi which was not what you want after a 6 hour flight. When we finally got to the LUB D’BANGKOK it was around 9:30 pm so the first day was a little bit of a right off … just Singha to get us through much to Abby’s disgust.

3rd November 2018

The next day me and Abs went for a little wander to find something interesting for us to do and where do we find ourselves… Madame Tussaud’s of course. I bloody love a good action shot with the celebs. Me and Abby are mental when we are in MT just because we don’t stand and pose normally… we HAVE to come up with thee most out there pictures. We always end up attracting attention. After we had finished at MT we ended up walking across to a very strange shopping mall. Every floor had a specific plan. What I mean by that is there was a phone floor, a ladies floor, a food floor, a luggage floor, a tourist/niknak floor etc. It was like having a market but on several different floors. Definitely not like Meadowhall that’s for sure! 

We finally made our way up to the food floor where we were greeted by many different delicacies. Ducks were hung up all crispy and red like ornaments or prized trophies. They may have been appetizing to the Asian community but I could not imagine that in a duck pancake that’s for sure! Me and Ab opted for a western looking chicken bar called BON CHON CHICKEN. Words cannot describe how beautiful the soy crispy chicken was and me and Abs never stopped thinking about that chicken for ages! (*Spoiler Alert – we have it 2 more times after this trip*) haha!

So what did we decide to do after this very productive day? go drinking on Khao San Road and wake up hungover to meet the tour group the next day? Too right we did! Getting a tuk tuk was one of my favorite things to do in Bangkok just because you get a sense of Thailand and its busy streets as well as obviously arriving in style haha! 

Lets just say the night was long! We sat down at this bar and we went in there because of the music. It was easily the loudest bar on the road with the best music so we thought why not! We sat down ordered a bucket each and the people next to us looked at us with the “Oh you can tell you have just arrived” look. What I mean by that is that once you start on the buckets there is no going back! They are lethal! 

4th November 2018

Hanging out our arses…  we left Lub d’bangkok and went to the BANGKOK CENTRE HOTEL which is where we would be meeting our tour group for the first time. We came into the hotel checked in and went to our room and slept the hangover off until the tour meeting. Now I have done this tour I can get into detail about each one of them.

Mandy was from Germany, she was a sweet soul who went off on her own expeditions a lot of our free time and I loved that about her. She knew herself and what she came for and not only did she make friends but we all respected her adventurous ways.

Emma, Edward and Anne Linn were all from Norway. Emma unfortunately left the tour after getting to Cambodia because she was home sick and I don’t think the travelling was for her. Anne Linn was a little older than me and wise. She also like Mandy liked her own free time and wasn’t in to going out and getting drunk but each to their own and I respected her privacy.

Edward…what can I say about him apart from being a Prince. He really made me laugh throughout the whole trip and he was with us when we left the tour as well. He was always telling us how bad his English was but it was really good! He loved learning new words from us and was hilarious on the karaoke! I would definitely go and see Edward in Norway and I hope one day I do!

I also met 2 of my ultimate favorites of the trip, Shawna and Richard who were from Canada! Where do I start with Shawna. We just connected from day one! She was always someone who would be there for me and want to speak/talk to me and I still have that connection with her now. The sad part was I never got to share a room with her which was very disappointing! I will be going hopefully next year to go and see Shawna!

Richard was the gay best mate I’ve always wanted! He was the sassiest person imaginable and his witty banter always made me laugh! He always spoke his mind and so do I so I think that’s why me and him got on and he knew what sort of person I was from the beginning. When I am in Canada I will be getting in touch with him and having the biggest catch up ever!

The Irish… 3 of the little buggers but the best Irish buggers I have ever known. Jimmy, Kieran and Jack (Barry) were the funniest people! I cannot wait to one day have a reunion and be going to Dublin to reunite! They were funny from the moment we met in the welcome meeting when they were all pissed (Richard also included in this) and Jack walked into a glass frame to go to the loo! That was hilarious!

Maizie Maizie Maizie… what would I have done without her! she genuinely was one of my go to girls! I appreciated her so much, her banter, her drunkness, her just as a person! I have never been to Wales and never really thought about wanting to go until I met her! Now I cannot wait to go and see her! She is one of those girls who I don’t have to see/speak to everyday to know that she is there for me! She was one in a million! 

Jodie and Emily were 2 other English girls on my tour. Jodie was literally meant to be Abby’s sister, her jawline and eyes looked exactly the same as Abby’s it was scary. Jodie was lovely and was my regular room mate. She always had the best stories to tell us which made my day!

Emily, sweet sweet Emily! What can I say about this girl apart from… Genuine. I have never in my life so far met someone who was as thoughtful, caring, kind and genuine. She literally has a heart of gold and wears it on her sleeve. She never had a bad word to say about anyone and was never bitchy or had an unkind word to say. She really was a breath of fresh air!

My older Geordie sister Sarah… what can I say about her! The fact I felt like she was an older sister means enough. She had the same traits as me and Abs, she was always up for a laugh and was always the last to leave any club/night out and wore her heart on her sleeve also! She was so down to earth and she’s also someone who I can’t wait to see again and give her a big hug!

My little baby Iona… how amazing it was to meet you! Such an old soul but in an 18 year old body! What I mean by that is she is only so young but she is so brainy and so mature for an 18 year old! Always up for a laugh like all of us but she knows when she wants to do something and when she doesn’t so she isn’t easily led on which I think it a great trait! No one wants to be a sheep!

We also had 2 other girls who joined us at different parts, Naomi and Sneiha (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) I do know how to say it unlike others who did not! Just don’t know how to say it (Snarehuh) is how you say it FYI people! I did not really spend a lot of time with these two girls and to be honest I do think it is down to the trip being split up. Me and the others were together for around 12 days before SH came in and Naomi only came with us for the Laos part of the trip. That’s what I didn’t think was good about the trip. The fact that there was stops for people to jump on meant they were behind from all of us which was a shame because we would all speak about things that had happened that the others had not been there for.





22/01/2019 – Back to the beginning.

Dear Fellow Yorkshire Puddingites,

So what have I been up to since I have become a loner? A lot of things I’ll have you know. I didn’t realise how much I was comfortable in my own company: be that a trip to the cinema, walking around, being in a library or simply watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory in a theatre.

Since being on my own I have had a lot of time to think and gather my thoughts and now I have done with all of my tours I find myself wanting to relive those moments so I am going to do a whole massive recap of my tour. I love the fact some of my friends and family read this blog but honestly? This is not for you, this is for me to look back at my memories and have something to show to my children (If I have them – being single doesn’t help). I never fully finish anything, it’s a very bad trait of mine which riles me to my core. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think its because I don’t care or anything… it’s because I am easily distracted. I find fascinations in the smallest things and then my mind wanders with amazement at new things and then BOOM! I’ve left the old task at hand behind. I also want you to not judge what I say and just listen to how I felt and what I saw. It’s all in the past now and although it stays there my feelings remain.

So here is a girl sat in the Library wishing her brain would focus on one thing (I hope you get that bad reference) cough cough Notting Hill.

Sunday 28th October 2018
I stayed up all night on the Saturday having packed my case as soon as I was back from Bilbao with Will. Man that was a hard thing leaving someone behind who you never knew would be special to you. I know “Good things come to those who wait”… well I waited and he was gone as quick as he came! BUT I had to pick myself up and realise that things happen for a reason and I can’t stay in the past and I was going on a trip of a lifetime and Love can wait.
Me and Abs arrived at Manchester Airport for our 6am flight to Dubai. I don’t know about Abby but I was so scared to go on this journey. I just wanted everything to run smoothly and I knew I had to be the ‘leader’ the ‘big sister’ and all my Abby’s worried also had to me mine. It was like a double whammy of nerves.

Dubai – 28th – 1st November 2018
We got through to Dubai and got a taxi straight to the hotel. We stayed at the Mecure Gold – Al Mina Road. It was beautiful! Don’t get me wrong it was not the Palm but the staff were out of this world especially when we checked in and they couldn’t find our booking. That was a nightmare! They were so good though and were very accommodating. I was just in panic mode like “Keep it together Jenny, it’s only the first day” but that’s why I was not calm! It should just run smoothly without a hitch when you have paid that much money.

Me and Abs had not eaten for hours so what do we do… Order room service and I bloody loved it. I know a lot of hotels have ridiculous prices on their food services but the Mecure Hotel was great! I was in my element at that point I’ll tell you. Right now I could not even afford a Mcdees Hamburger ha! So you can see how times change.

The next day we went and met Emma and we went to Atlantis water park. It was a really good day out and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m not going to lie … the price is not so nice but mum and dad paid for the waterpark and a meal combo so we had something nice to eat at least. The lazy river was incredible! I know when you go to a water park you just go on them to chill but these ones had no chill about them. They had rapids and I mean they were rapids! So so good! We all kept losing each other but we stayed on for as long as possible because we (well me) queued up for a good 35/40 mins for them and I was pretty forceful when it came to the kids trying to push in front of me. Those kids never stood a chance haha!

After the water park we went to the Dubai shopping mall and it was amazing! I would definitely recommend Dubai for the shopping but you just have to be careful with the prices of the Taxi’s “Its so damn expensiveeeee, want to share” (Taken). Man I love my references sometimes haha! But yeah it was amazing because we went for tea (dinner for you weirdos) looking out to the Burj Khalifa and we saw the musical fountains and It truly was amazing. One thing I would most recommend is a REVOLUT CARD it’s such a good card for travelling around the world. Will came in handy for something ;)! haha! It gives you the exact exchange rate at that moment and it constantly updates. I am going to carry on using the card in the UK when I actually find a job and have money LOL!

The next day Emma took us to Zero Gravity and that really was amazing! When I was younger I wanted to go to Ocean Beach in Ibiza to have that pool party vibe. When we went to Zero Gravity it happened to be Ladies Day so we got a free cocktail and they had drinks offers for the women. I had these AMAZING burgers which were made with charcoal buns and I am not lying they are hands down the nicest burgers I have ever had to date. Whenever I go back to Dubai I am having those again that’s for sure!

Little did we know that after Dubai we would not have a chilled week until January the 12th haha! Everything after this trip was go go go!
I do wish we could have stayed longer in Dubai but I would love to go back and also I would love to visit Abu Dhabi (Warner bros world/ Ferrari world mainly).

Singapore -2nd/3rd November
Me and Abs had to travel from Dubai to Singapore to then fly onto Thailand. We stopped over in Singapore for 9 hours. We had a little look around the airport first because I had heard it had a sunflower garden, cinemas, botanical like garden and many shops. After we looked around we just crashed in a silent area for 5/6 hours and slept. It was bliss! I could not believe how clean and quiet Singapore airport was. If I would not have been tired then I would have gone on the 5 hour tour of Singapore which was free if you had a layover which lasted longer than 4 hours which we did. We were just obviously so drained from Dubai Rays.

Thailand … to come in next post.



Jobs applied for: 1
Amount of Peach Ice Teas consumed: 1
Number of fast food chains visited: 0

Dear Fellow Yorkshire Puddingites,

I am in Sydney! (finally) 
7,000km from Darwin down to Sydney I have now done… In a coach I may add or do I say “The pink panther” as referred to by Contiki Jill.

Finally after 35 minutes I have been able to get on this godforsaken laptop! I was so excited at the time to get a new laptop  (DELL as well) and it is just super super slow. Why did I pay £400 for you I have no idea now!

I am currently sat in NSW public library (Library?!!? Jenny Smith?!) 
Yes, this is right I am sat in a library trying to look at flights/hotels/blog/job search etc. It sort of boggles my mind that I have finished my tours and now have to go about getting a job, place to live and cook for myself. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook and be independent but its the first time where I have done this 24 hours away from my family. 

It is also going to be sad when I have to say goodbye to Abby! Gonna miss her but like I’ve said before I am sort of looking forward to doing things on my own and exploring new and exciting things! All the tours I have now been on have made me realise that I am a little more reclusive than I first originally though. By this I mean I am not a sheep, I am a shepherd. I hate waiting for other people, not because I don’t like them but mainly because on each tour we are given time frames and If I don’t get to see or do all the things I wanna do it makes me so miffed* (Miffed means annoyed). So I want to lead (shepherd) but not be followed … basically.

So I’ve been in Sydney for 24 hours now to be exact and I don’t what I think to it yet. It reminds me a little of New York mainly because its busy but it doesn’t have the vibe I thought I would feel. When I went to Brisbane I was not expecting to like it because not many people talk about it… but I loved it. It had the feeling of a city all build up like a concrete jungle but it was clean, spacious, free! I really am hoping I can secure a job here in Sydney and then go back to Brisbane to work a little bit more before coming home but we will see.

Still haven’t heard anything back from my Canadian Visa which is disappointing but I am in the pools and I do have all of 2019 to be given an invitation. Always just wanted to go and see Canada and what the hype is about, however I also want to go to New Zealand now just because of everyone who I have met that has been. They have said that NZ is a lot nicer, more picturesque and just the sort of place to take the best photos and that for me is just what I like! Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love to take Photos. They tell so many stories and they bring to life memories so you can relive them over and over. I always joked about what my secret power would be and it would be exactly like the film ‘Jumper’ where he sees a photo or thinks of somewhere he has been and he just jumps there. Unreal!

I’m going to try and write something at least 2-3 times a week and keep people (who are interested) updated with what I am up to. Once Abby is gone I am going to take a break from social media ie: Facebook, Instagram (even my travelling gram), Snapchat etc just because I feel like I need to focus on me and what I want to do and not let the world impact of influence me in anyway. I will of course be writing this blog but I don’t see this as a repressive form of social media I see this blog as expressing moods, feelings, adventures. People who care about me the most will know about this and respect my wishes but still follow my journey. I am not going off social media to be ignorant to the world but I am trying to care less about social media as a whole. 

Anyway Shafto is gonna kill me If I don’t get on with writing my CV nd sending it to him by the time he wakes up so I best get cracking!

Ciao for now

TYP – aka  


T-Minus 3 days – FREEDOM

I never in my life thought I would be saying this but I cannot bloody wait to just be off these tours.  I bet you are well and truly miffed at me for even uttering the fact that I am glad to be (hopefully) getting back to reality. I cannot wait to find a job and start earning some money so I can go ON MY OWN to different countries, get up when I want, eat when I want, poop when I want haha! It’s genuinely that regimented.

When we booked the tours we were just so thankful for someone else having to organise everything when we just did not look at the bigger picture. This was the lack of freedom that we would have.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a great time but I really do wish I would have not rushed into tour companies and just gone with the flow. As you can see from JENNYS INSTAGRAM
Instagram ^^ I have had an amazing time at the places I have got to visit.

So where am I off to next? SYDNEY!!!!!

So we finish this tour on the 11th of January and then we go off to stay with one of Abby’s childhood Bestfriends (Nicole) until the 18th. Well I say the 18th for me but Abby leaves me and goes back to the UK on the 16th of January.
From the 18th I am all alone in Sydney but I really want to try my best there and get a decent job where I can save some money and then after the 6 months of working I can come home with some money and then see If my Canadian Visa comes through. If it does not then I am going to come home, save some money in Nottinghamshire to then move back to Rotherham/Sheffield so that I can be near to my friends and family and the area that I know the most. I am not saying its for sure but if  Canada doesn’t work out then I will be home sooner than later.

I will pop up some photos soon but a lot of you follow me on Instagram anyway –

GRANDMA AND GRANDAD … Just tap the “JENNYS INSTAGRAM” icon and it will send you where ALL of my pictures are.

Speak soon 🙂

Last few days.

So currently it’s Christmas Eve here and it’s nearly 2pm and we are on our way to Alice Springs ✌🏻doesn’t feel like Christmas at all around here, think it’s because we aren’t in a city and also because it’s not bloody snowing. Been so jealous over the last week when all my mates have been going out and dressing up and having Christmas dinner 😩. On the upside least this will be one Christmas of my life where I am away. Well I say that but I really want to go to Florida next year, always wanted to see Disney world at Christmas I bet it’s really festive. That’s what I need right now.

For Christmas we are staying in a “SWAG” which is basically a canvas material tent which literally zips you in like a cocoon and then you have a flap which goes over your face as you sleep so you don’t get bitten. It sounds amazing doesn’t it… not 😂 oh well I will try anything once (limited) 😂.

So over the last few days we have been up a lookout point, been to Katherine Gorge, The Devils Marbles, Elsey National Park, Daly Waters Pub and Wycliff Well.

The lookout point was something else. We had our electrolyte drinks at the ready but we were not ready for the steepness of the stairs and also no way in hell ready for the amount of flies that there was. The flys are literally the worst thing ever. They do not care how close they get to your eyes, ears and mouth. They have a death wish I’m sure of it! It’s that much of a joke that one place we stayed at had stickers which said “wot flies” taking the Micky! The view at the top though was amazing and we got some pretty good pictures even though I was sweating through every oriface. Absolutely gross! I would hate to actually be with a boyfriend on something like that because they would dump me so fast! Minger central.

Katherine Gorge National Park was nice but I was expecting the waterfall to be huge and it was tiny… you’ll see in the pictures to follow 😂

Elsey National Park was very pretty. It had a blue lagoon type area which was very pretty but it had a lot of smelly pond like water which ended up on your swimsuit which wasn’t particularly nice. The lagoon was called- Mataranka Thermal Pool. The area belongs to a woman and apparently she’s in a Australian film or her house is or something. Interesting anyway.

We then went for Lunch at the Daly Waters pub which is a famous tourist attraction down to women leaving their bras and then people started leaving coins, money, caps, name badges, stickers, ID’s, Flip Flops etc. I decided to leave Wills Hockey Jersey just because he mentioned leaving it in South East Asia but I wasn’t ready to part with it then haha! By that I mean that no place felt right but this one did. I walked in and knew straight away it would have a great forever home and he loved it being there anyway so all good.

Me and Abs has a proper good time today at the Devils Marbles, it was like being at Madame Tussaud’s because we were just messing about with the rocks. I can’t upload the video but me and Abby did a scene from Shrek with the Boulder- when Donkey says it to him about his house 😂it was hilarious 😂

So after this we went to Wycliff Well where the people who live there genuinely believe it’s a UFO sight. That was pretty weird to see all the newspaper clippings and memorabilia that they had. Me and Abs just took ridiculous pictures. Always fun to see things you never normally see, like you would not see that in the UK 😂

Anyway now we are on our way to pick up 3 more people to join the tour…Lisa, Eugene and someone else (their name was so hard to remember). Then we are off to Coles (I love coles!!! Like Tesco) to get supplies for the next 3 days.

We finish this tour on the 28th I think? Not 100% sure but then me and Abs go with Kirsten and some others from this tour onto another tour. We didn’t know it was broken up into two different tours. The next one I hope will be a little bit more chilled. This one had not been strenuous it’s been good and the tour leader Cassie is lovely and helpful it’s just been in the middle of nowhere type tour so I’m looking forward to a bit more civilisation. That’s what I really mean.

Currently don’t have any service so I don’t know when I will get to post this.

Hope you all have/had an amazing Christmas and if I don’t blog before New Year have a great New Year.

Here is the pictures from the last couple of days :)!

Day 2 – Kakadu Hike and water Safari

So today was an early 7:30 start, which wasn’t helped by having a crappy continental breakfast. It’s crap when you want cereal and you can’t have it with normal milk cause if you do you’ll end up ill on the coach 😩.

We went on a hike up to a look out point this morning and saw some aboriginal drawings on the cave walls which was pretty cool. We also went to a cultural centre to learn about aboriginal people within Darwin but we weren’t able to take photos because the information is private to their community.

We then went to a hotel where we were chilling by the pool and had make our own baguettes which was nice. We had an hour to wait until half the group got back as they went on a flight around the Kakadu National Park and to see some waterfalls from above. Unfortunately we have 22 days left on this tour and the optional activities are ranging from $50-300 dollars and no way can I afford that. I’m looking at doing the winery and the quad bikes because I enjoyed the quads on the Asia tour and also the winery is something I’ve always wanted to do! Oh and the snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef. That will be a massive challenge for me to do because of all the sharks. It’s ridiculous I know to be as petrified as I am but I can’t help it, it’s definitely me who would get bitten.

Anyway I’m rambling once again… we then went for a water safari and it was lovely (minus the flies). We saw a crock in the end but it didn’t stay above water for long by the time we got to it. It’s because it’s really hot so they don’t come up to the surface until it starts raining or it gets cooler.

Here is the itinerary for tomorrow and the next day 👌🏻 also I’ve mentioned it to my mum and dad but just in case I don’t get back to anyone who reads my blog… basically on Christmas Eve/Christmas and Boxing Day we will be in the middle of nowhere in the outback and will have no signal. Don’t think I’m ignoring you or I don’t care (far from it) but I just can’t reach you 😦 I’d love to try find signal and speak to you all but it’s a 40/60 chance we will get decent WiFi and it’s $5 per 100mb which we all know is crap!

Anyway I’ve enjoyed myself today apart from the flies buzzing about. Ear plugs at the ready tomorrow so they don’t irritate me.

Day 1 – Termite Mounds and Florence Falls at Litchfield National Park.

Man alive was I happy this morning when I got a proper good cooked brekkie. It was mint! The hotel we stayed at was called the vibe hotel on Darwin Harbour and it was so nice! Air con worked as well so that’s something me and Abby aren’t used to so I was happy.

So we started off this morning at 9:45, very nice to actually get on a bus with air con. I know I’m air con mad but that’s because I’m just genuinely not a fan of heat 😂. “But why go to a hot country in the middle of their summer” well I didn’t think this that far ahead with what season I was going in, I just needed to go away and booked when I did for that time and didn’t realise the actual temperatures 😎.

So when we got on the coach (big enough for two seats each) we all got introduced to each other by having a ‘speed date’ so we had to say our name, age, what we do and what we are most looking forward to on the trip. After the 5th person we had to pick up to 5 pieces of toilet paper and after she told us the amount of toilet paper means the amount of fun facts we have to say about ourselves. I had 3 pieces so I said 1. I have a dog that I’m a little obsessed with and he has his own Instagram account, 2. The kayak incident where I felt the closest to death I’ve ever felt and how I’ll never go on one again and 3rd how I have this travel blog/Instagram. I was gonna mention my webbed feet as a fun fact cause I think it’s cool but it freaks some people out so I left that one 😂.

Was nice to get to know people and what they were about though which is cool. On this tour we have Germans, Canadians, South Africans, Swiss, one ozzie and English people of course 😂 one girl is from Hull so I feel even more at home. We also only have 3 men on the tour. The other 20 are all girls 🙂

This trip is cut up into two parts so a few of us are doing “the big walkabout” whereas some are just doing one half which is up to Alice Springs 11 day trip.

We stopped off today at 2 places like I’ve named this blog after – Termite Mounds and Florence Falls. The termite mounds we were just there for 10 mins as there isn’t much to actually see but they are pretty impressive to say that are made from very small termites and some were up to 100 years old which is amazing!

The waterfall was beautiful and it was easy to get into which was nice. The only problem was the 133 steps back up to the top in the heat and also I kept getting bitten by a fish (I know a fish right?!) but it was one of those what go after your dead skin.

This is the itinerary for tomorrow –

Just arrived at the Hotel – Aurora Kakadu. We are staying in Kakadu National Park for the next 2 nights ✌🏻😎

Bali –

It’s all over. Me, Kirsten and Abs are sat in the hotel room watching The Greatest Showman and prepping ourselves for our flight to Darwin tomorrow night. Can’t actually believe how quick that second tour actually went. So bizarre!

The first tour I had loads of fun with the people I was with but it was tiring whereas this tour was so much more chilled and if you didn’t want to do something then you didn’t have to etc. We finished our tour yesterday but we met up with Phoebe today to go shopping. Abs bought some lovely new tops and shorts and I got some cheap ones from the market but they are so cool 😎.

So I have a lot of photos to put onto this blog. I have surfing, snorkelling and sunsets all to put on for you all to love as much as me.

I’m going to take more photos on the next trip but try and do it day by day (when I get WiFi) that way I can tell my day in more detail :).

Got an amazing top for Christmas today which I can’t wait to wear on Christmas Day even though I will be in the middle of nowhere 😂 I hope I can get signal for Christmas Day to FaceTime my family but if not it will have to wait until I do.

Here is the itinerary of where we are and where we are staying each day:

The Bali adventure – Tru Travels.

So let me just begin by saying … Phoebe Rowe is unreal. That is my travel tour guide, who I am so glad I got to meet. She’s so chilled out, young and just wants to have fun and it’s great!

Up to now I’ve been to two of Bali’s temples. One was literally in the sea (we were lucky to see it up close as the tide was out). Me and Abby got blessed by the temples holy water and that was pretty cool. We also went surfing which was really fun…. I wasn’t good at it though haha! Only stood up once but least I made it upwards 👌🏻

We have been to Canguu in Bali and now we are currently in Ubud. I’m really enjoying Bali just because it has culture but also it’s sort of western and everyone is bloody lovely. A tour guide when we saw the temples said the reason why so many Bali people are lovely is because they are Hindus and they give daily blessings to their God and believe when they are nice to people they are rewarded (karma).

It’s been so nice to experience things I wouldn’t normally do. We also went to a waterfall yesterday which was beautiful and I really enjoyed that!

Unfortunately we went out last night and a mixture of me eating something funny and also the shots I consumed on my night out made me sick. So I was in bed today so I didn’t get to go to the monkey forest or have the cooking class which I was genuinely gutted about. But hey ho you can’t help it can you if you are sick. They call if the “Bali belly” over here and that’s why a lot of the tour guides are vegetarians because they don’t get sick off the meat and then they can always go their jobs.

I’m putting some photos on of what we have been up to. Tomorrow we are off to the rice fields and then we are having dinner near a volcano so that sounds like fun and then we are off to the markets for tea 👌🏻 day after we leave and go to Gilli T. Cannot wait to go there and have a chilled beach day. When the tour is over I am so glad me and Abs (and Kirsten – girl who is on our tour who is on our next one) are off to a hotel in Bali in Seminyak before we go to Darwin so we get to really chill!

Anyway here is what we have been up to :)!

We also ate at a restaurant called “Kafe” a few times and it was delicious so here is some shots of the food 😂

Indochina Discovery – The review.

Sorry it’s been a while (grandma and grandad) that I haven’t done a blog. The internet is a lot better in Bali at the moment but it’s just the fact we have been so tired from the Indochina that we have just passed out every time we have been able to.

The negatives- (quite a few so brace yourself)

It’s hard writing reviews because I would like to see myself as a pretty optimistic person so seeing crappy things and not seeing the good in them isn’t the best.

So … would I ever go on that tour again? The answer would be no. The main reason was the fact there was genuinely too much travelling. Yeah I know I’ve gone “travelling” but you don’t pick up and leave nearly every single day when you do it in your own do you? You may stay 3/4 days exploring one part of an island whereas we never got the chance to. It was optional activity one after another and on a bus minimum for 5/6 hours each day. It was draining.

I don’t think it helped when the tour guide (who was lovely and gave a lot of cultural information) was rushing us about left right and centre. I didn’t feel relaxed at all apart from the 2 days I was sick in Vietnam where I stayed in bed all day and night in a hostel on my own. Not great.

The company themselves did not provide us with good transport at all. We had 18 people who were crammed onto two small 10 seaters (one seat being the drivers) and then our luggage was squashed at the back or on a spare seat if there was one. I hated walking towards the buses and knowing which one we would have each day. One time they gave us 3 buses and it was so much better so only 6 people in a 10 seater so that gave a bit more room but one of the buses decided to break down so the 6 people then had to come and squash in our bus and then we had 5 hours left of the journey and it was horrific. We didn’t sleep at all. That was the day we saw the white temple, which was beautiful but none of us were in the mood for it at all.

The breakfasts- disgusting. The only one I thought was decent was the snorkelling trip where we had crispy bacon, baguette, eggs and fruit and it was never nice again anywhere else 😂

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t get up every day and go for it but that was because it was grim.

By then end of that trip I was sick of rice, noodles, and bread if any kind. Even eggs were getting on my nerves because that’s all they had available for every single breakfast.

Accommodation – This was one thing I just could not come to terms with. By that I mean one day it was like 4* and the next it was like sleeping rough. It seemed at the beginning we were going to have nice places to stay cause it was decent and then it was just grubby hostel after hostel. I liked (which sounds strange) the home stays because you got to see how the people in Vietnam lives and how Laos people lived.

The Vietnam homestay really opened my eyes to how lucky we are, but the food they cooked us was one of the nicest buffet/feasts we ever got. I wasn’t tired when we came to go to bed there so I just popped my laptop on and Abby watched her iPad and we fell asleep to them 😂

The loas homestay was the pinnacle. I could not stop myself from crying when we were told to give out the toothbrushes/shampoos/conditioner that we had all saved from the hostels and hotels. They were so lucky and so happy to receive them and that made me just burst out into tears.

When we stayed at Laos I was a little upset about a personal situation of mine but when I saw the kids and how they were just lucky to get what they were given it made me realise how lucky I am that I get to go home and travel and live where I live and socialise how I do etc. It really was an eye opener for sure.

I don’t want to go into much detail about the tour CEO cause I don’t think it’s fair to slate/rate someone on a blog because it’s personal.

The positives –

Loved every place/ activity I did 👌🏻 hence the pictures on my Instagram.

I loved nearly every single member of my tour group because everyone brought something different which makes it more eventful. I genuinely feel like I have some solid friends for life within the tour group.

I can’t wait to go and see Richard and Shawna in Canada, see my Maizie moo in Wales, visit prince Edvard GS in Norway and hopefully I will be able to come to the reunion next December in Dublin and see everyone. Just depends on if I get accepted for my Canadian Visa.

Think my current POA is go to Australia – Syndey and work my backside off to get some money and then fingers crossed go to Spain to see W, spend a week or so there and then go home… work until Christmas and then go Florida with mum dad and Abby – maybe Jonny and then after Christmas go to Canada if I get accepted and I’ll work there and hopefully W comes to see me and then work the visa and then come back and start a life as and wherever that is.

I’m a massive believer in what’s meant to be will be, being optimistic means I just see things for the beauty that they have. I don’t believe in the actual term “karma” but I do believe that those who are good will be rewarded and those who do wrong will be punished one way or another so I genuinely think good things are coming for me. Just got to sit back and wait to see what those are.

I had a bad time in the Indochina Discovery where I doubted myself and lost confidence in myself but that’s all been brought back after speaking to mum dad and abs of course.

I’ve taken loads of photos –

Grandma and grandad if you want to see these pictures ask dad when you next see him. He can put my Instagram on my iPad just by the website –

*** travellingyorkshirepudding on Instagram.

Since being in Bali (came on the 4th) we have been chilled out ^ like I said before. So I will update later today what we have been up to but I just wanted to review the first trip and let people know how and what it was like.

Currently loving Bali ✌🏻🏄‍♀️🌊🌄📸❤️


So we arrived in Hanoi yesterday around 1pm. Unfortunately I wasn’t very well at all. I have been taking tablets for my cold sore and took them when I needed to but on an empty stomach. This meant that I was being sick loads to get the tablets out and this meant from 1pm yesterday – 10am this morning I have been in bed. Missed out on a few activities which saddens me but everyone been great and helping me out.

Been out this morning for a McDonald’s and that’s made me feel better and I haven’t been sick since 5pm yesterday so hopefully I’m back better.

Good news – cold sore is gone!

Tonight it the other groups last night so we are off out for a drink. Hopefully I will be fine for tomorrow when we fly out from Hanoi to Laos.

Laos and Thailand to come ✌🏻

Kayaking – Halong Bay

Last 2 days have been pretty hectic. We went from Hue at 2pm to the train station for the over night train at 3pm but we were delayed until 5:20pm. That was really annoying when we were rushed about for absolutely nothing. The hostel in Hue was nice though, it was a Vietnam war themed hostel which was different from the others. It also had the bar on the first floor instead of the top so it had a European theme.

When we finally got on the overnight train no one was really wanting to drink so we all had a good 14 hours chill on the train. Netflix and chill it was to be 👌🏻

We then reached Hanoi, and had to do a 5 hour coach journey to get up to Halong Bay. The day today was really good and really beautiful and I’m so glad that we got to visit on a boat then go kayaking.

We have to be up tomorrow at 7 for breakfast then on the coach for 9am to go back 5 hours to Hanoi where we will be for 2 days. I’ve loved the trips we have had but the expense for this trip has been a lot more than I wanted to pay. The Bali and Oz trip mean I have to be very careful with where and what I spend my money on. I’ve spent £500 which to be honest I really really could have done without spending but I can’t not eat. That’s a whole part of getting out and about with the group and it’s a holiday at the end of the day.

Shit shirt party

Yes that’s right… everyone needs a shit shirt party when they are away. Unfortunately for me I’m still down with the cold sores (worst I’ve ever had in my life) but I’m trying my best to push on through. Abby went out and got me some tablets bless her little soul so I hopefully will be back right as rain by the end of the week.

Hue – Vietnam

Only staying in Hue one night – Tonight but these are some photos from today and in the hotel 🏨.

We walked 45 minutes to the Citadel and then we got a cycle Tuk back to the hotel. We were so sweaty it was ridiculous. It’s not been sunny but it’s so so humid here. Had to get one the girls to plait my hair so it’s not constantly in my face.

Got the over night train again tomorrow but this is the last one. I have 14 hours on the next train so hopefully we will pass the time once again and have some drinks and then sleep the other half off. The first train was mental, the second we slept and the 3rd is the final so got to go out big 👌🏻

Cooking class

We went to one of G adventures business restaurants where they teach the Vietnamese people to cook and teach them English. When they know how to cook and speak English they are then able to get a degree/certificate in hospitality and they go onto work in 5 star restaurants and earn a real living. We had food there for free but we had to pay for our drinks which went towards the contribution to them.

I get really upset when I hear the stories as they really do not come from anything and we constantly complain about things we have and things we need but these people are constantly happy.

We need to be more like them I think.

Cycling tour – Hoi An

We took a tour around Hoi An on the bikes and it was so much fun. We all went apart from Anne Linn so we got to experience it all together. We ended up having rice wine and banana vodka in a random mans hut and that was proper bizarre. It also burnt open my cold sore and that chuffin hurt 😩 wow!

We then went past a field where an 95 year old man was stood there and he had just lost his wife 3 months ago and he was proper happy to see us. It was so sad. Old old people genuinely make me sad but he was absolutely adorable 😩.

We also met 2 dogs on the way that were best friends with 2 cows. It was weird to see I won’t lie cause the dogs were just on top of the cows and they weren’t bothered at all.

The moaning blog

Been so run down- got a massive cold sore which is driving me up the wall. We have had no sleep and this sounds ridiculous but holidays are amazing… you go to one place (could be for months) and you stay there and that’s great. Travelling around from hotel to hostel to hotel to train just isn’t all it’s cracked up to me. Give me a hotel anywhere for however long with some cocktails and a bit of sun and I’m well up for that. The constant moving around is driving me up the wall.

Im just hoping that the tru travels to Bali tour and the Contiki aren’t as regimented as this one. I just want to go explore get some drinks and chill and visit things off my own accord but you genuinely can’t do that’s the massive downside. I love the group we are with and would be crap without them but my favourite time up to now has been Dubai and Thailand because we weren’t on a rush all the time and dragging bags left right and centre.

Anyway I’ll shut my cold sore mouth up now (only get them when I’m run down).

Here are some pictures of us on the over night train. (Yes that included too many beers and 3 hours sleep) we drank for 7 hours.

Oh and I’m still in pain from a Thai massage I had where she literally stood on my back and tried to stretch out all my knots 😩

Ouch! I blame Maizie for letting me have one with her 😂😂 (she’s never had a massage like it either)

G Adventures- Indochina Discovery

So as a lot of you know we went with STA travel for all 3 of our tours before we get to Australia. I’ve got to say I was genuinely really looking forward to going with the tour company as they really made it out to be all expenses paid and all you had to pay for was optional activities (there are far too many you have to pay for) and the odd lunch and dinner.

This is not the case. I would say to anyone who is wanting to go with STA or G adventures to 100% read up with someone who has been or contact them. The reason behind this is there are so many additional costs along the way which your tour company does not tell you.

One being bribing the border control to get you in quicker and not blink an eye, one for tipping every driver you have and the other is a big expense of $100 per person for your tour guide. None of this was mentioned by STA or G adventures when we signed up or we would have thought second about maybe doing it ourselves.

When we were in Thailand just me and Abs we had such a good time because it was based on our time and we got up when we wanted and didn’t rush around and stayed at pretty cheap but good standard hostels. The ones we have stayed at have not always been the best. If the bedroom is good then the shower is terrible. If the hotel looks a mess then the air con doesn’t work it’s ridiculous how much doesn’t work.

I’m just so so so glad I have Abby, because she’s someone I can moan at without everyone getting annoyed at me 😂

I love the people who we are with though. There isn’t a single one of them I don’t like or don’t get on with. They are all up for a laugh and I can’t wait to get to know them even more.

The home stay.

What can I say about this place?

Well we got dropped off in the middle of the road to two women who trekked is down alleys and then into a building where there were beds. I don’t even know what to say about this place apart from how lucky I am for where I live and how I live.

The good thing about this place is how lovely they were and also how much they appreciate cooking for us and hosting us.

We got tea included last night and it was a full on feast. We had fried tofu – sweet pork – pumpkin soup – spring rolls, egg and pork pancake, rice and beans.

It was delicious. Can’t say much about the breakfast though – It was banana, a baguette and a fried omelette. Yum! 😂

We are heading out to Ho Chi Minh City today. Everyone else is going to the cu- chi tunnels today to see where the Vietnam war was but me and Abs aren’t going. I’m a little claustrophobic when it comes to dark and small places. I just think I cannot get out and start to panic so me and Abby will have 11-6pm off to get ready for the night out (yes another big night out) and get our stuff sorted.

The first photo below was all of us lot on the tour on no mans land. The area between Cambodia and Vietnam where no one owns the land. It’s was quite intense at one point because the leader was saying we could get stabbed in the middle and no one would be responsible! Let’s just say we took the picture and headed quick across the bridge.

I will update the trip as soon as I possibly can, it’s just weird that the WiFi has been the best in literally the poorest part of the trip so far. I was able to watch Netflix and everything last night which is a big deal since I watch it alllll the time at home haha!

Anyway… updates from now onwards as soon as possible 🙂

Boat trip ✌🏻

I loved this day!

Did my body though? No! I kept applying factor 50 all day but I still burnt myself. Think it’s because I was in the water most of the day. Conquered my fear of the sea though and thought no Jen you have to jump or you are going to look like a wimp so I just jumped. I didn’t enjoy the part though when they said about the sea urchins and that they were everywhere but I manned up and just got on with it for a change.

We ended up having a decent (best up to now) breakfast at the beach club we went in the night before and then the dinner was lovely also. It was a bbq – so we had chicken, rice and salad along with watermelon but it was lovely!

Later on that night we went out for tea and that was nice as well. Abby was really hungry and her food came last so she was fuming. It’s weird here because the food just comes out when it comes out. The portions are never massive either so it’s like I got mine first and It was like 25 mins until Abby’s meal came.

Was a good day though!

The area we were staying in was not great and I’ve never seen so many pot holes in my life. Makes you feel thankful for the 1 or 2 you get in England. There was at least 100 on one stretch of road.

Next part of the journey… the home stay!

Next night out.

Okay this one I was really drunk. Ended up losing my phone but then found it again. When I lost my phone I was panicking so bad! This time I have decided I am going to leave my phone on the safety box or in the safe because I don’t want to feel like that again.

Was awful!

I didn’t learn me lesson once again and the next day we were travelling for hours across to the bungalow flats.

Didn’t take as many photos this time so that’s why I am not going to take my phone out – just in case I lose it and for what? These silly photos ^ no thanks.

The killing fields

This was such a morbid day- To day it was only 40 years ago scares the life out of me. How someone could do this to anyone let along children and women.

Seeing all the skulls and the jawbones made it all so real. My mum would have been 10 years old at this point and that’s awful enough as some of these children were younger than my mum. We met 3 people who actually survived and it was heart wrenching hearing their stories. The first man actually made me cry and we ended up donating $10 to him and he gave us a book and then 5 other people in the group gave money as well so he made a good $60. It was the fact he was on about how his mum and dad were killed and that he put himself and his brother and other baby sibling into the big pile of clothes and they were rescued by Vietnamese soldiers. Unfortunately the baby didn’t survive :(!

It was horrible.

So what have I been up to?

Well the WiFi in Cambodia was not up to scratch so it’s taken me agesss to actually write something.

So last post was about quad biking. That’s literally been my highlight so far. Well I also liked the fact that I conquered my fear of the sea by jumping off a boat. Doesn’t sound like a lot to some people but the thought of a fish or anything touching me really gets to me. Haha oh and sharks. They aren’t great either!

After the quad biking we went for a G adventures (that’s the company we went with) their new Hope project. The company give back to the community through learning the children English and this is the only way that they can get money in life. English is the only way people make money within Cambodia.

Here are some pictures of the new Hope project.

This trip really opened my eyes to what we have and what others don’t and made me feel like we shouldn’t be moaning about anything when people on the world are starving because they can’t learn English or they can’t get to school full stop.

The next night we were travelling to Phnom Penn and we went on a big night out. It was a lot. I love these guys though because we all just dropped the barriers and just got on with each other so much. Me and Abby said how much Kao San Road had killed us off because the cocktails are so strong but did we learn our lesson? No 😂 we ended up going to one bar called Angkor Wat?! And SPICY JOE (the tour leader) got a bottle of Tequilla in and was playing the crocodile teeth game where you press a tooth and take turns and when it snaps you have to have a shot of Tequilla. Me and Abs weren’t that bad off to be fair because I only had 1 shot and Abby had 2 whereas other people had 5/6 shots.

We must have just been lucky that night.

We also became friends with a Cambodian girl (or so we thought) until the next day when we noticed it was a actually a boy 😂😂 you’ll see – she’s the blonde on the pictures.

Well… here you go.

Quad biking in the rice fields in Siem Riep.


I love trying new things, quad biking is only something I’ve done once when I was in Malia but I didn’t actually get to ride it as I was just on the back of it.

Seeing the sunset was just incredible. If I could do it all over again I would. We are leaving Siem Riep tomorrow and onto our next destination.

Off now on our big night out so here are some pictures from the quad biking from today ✌🏻

Cambodia – Temple Trip 1

So currently I am sat in the 4/4 temple we have visited on my own at the bottom because my elephant trousers split 😂😂 my top doesn’t cover my bum so I’m not going to walk up and down with my arse out. All the sweat (it’s so so so hot) is just making the clothing wet. Not just me who’s trousers have split some of the lads have but it’s just there’s are baggier so you can’t see the split. I hate being a party pooper and I got far into the temple before I saw the steps up to the top and it was just a definite no.

The man in charge told us no leggings were allowed so what’s annoying is when you turn up to the temple and everyone’s wearing them. Liar liar pants on fire. So annoying!

Least I get to sit and write this blog I suppose.

Got to say getting up at 4am this morning was just not great, but getting to see *** was definitely worth it. It’s 10:43 in the morning here and we have been out since 4:30 so it’s been a long day. We have quad biking later on and then off for our ‘big night out’. That will be good to see people’s personality’s come out more. Not so much for me because Patty (inside joke) can be a nightmare.

Abs has gone up to the top of the ‘4 smiling faces’ temple – better known as ***

I’m just sat here ripped bottoms, sweating my bum off. If I’ve not lost weight by January I’m going to be fuming haha! Portion sizes are smaller than the UK but just good enough. This morning at the first temple we have breakfast and it was rank. – 1 banana, 1 hot dog sausage cut in half, 2 slices of small white bread, portion of jam and butter and one boiled egg.

Felt like I was on celebrity get me out of here, like the portion sizes. Did 10,000 steps before 10 o’clock though so that’s good for the day.

We also got given a pass with our photo on to get into the exhibit and one young man said to me “you look better in the picture) – lets just go back in time and realise the photo was taken this morning at 4:30 when it wasn’t sweaty, hot or humid. I currently look like Hermoine Granger (her hair) and smell like Hagrid at this moment, so Thankyou ticket man for making my day haha! RUDE!

I genuinely do not know how Will thinks I’m attractive, he would definitely not if he saw me right now 😂

Anyone here are some pictures from today-

Khao san Road

What can I say about this road apart from: carnage.

I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so good! It was so much better as a ‘strip’ than Malia or Zante or any of those places. Abby at a scorpion, we had bucket cocktails, we got drunk and then went in a Tuk Tuk 👌🏻

It was such a good night! So glad we got to go there before the tour starts today. Just in case we didn’t make it or something with the actually your. We are back in Bangkok one night before leaving to go Bali so I think we will go back again.

Art Exhibition (we stumbled across)

What do I say about this place. Wow, erm… well let’s just say I’ve never seen real life art before. By real life art I mean members of the public performing art in this way.

So me and Abby were on our way back to the hostel and came across and art gallery. This is not normally something we are interested in but I am sooooo glad we actually went in.

The first thing we can across which we loved was the basket art work. This was pretty cool and great for professional photographers I’m sure because of all the colours and stuff.

We then went up the escalators to find this:

It was basically the live show. You were forbidden from taking photos so I can only describe what we saw.

I’ll show you the note we took:

Ignore the number at the top of the list this was the price in Thai baht for our amazing chicken meal (pictures to follow).

Soooo… the first live exhibit was a woman in a white paper dress and she was decorating the walls of her part of the exhibit in red. Looked like she had a bad flow that month and spread it everywhere it was bizarre. The second man was just stood in a meditative glaze in a small container of barbed wire and he wasn’t looking at anyone… he was apparently in another place (meditation wise) that was weird to see.

The next was two women on the floor staring at a candle and if the women looked away from the candle flame then they would have to go get another candle and re light it as that means they came back to the present instead of being in the moment.

The next one I will not forget. The man had to walk to his house everyday and pick up a bag of flowers and then come back and basically spit red fluid on these white flowers. He was spitting left right and centre so you couldn’t go too close to him as he spit on you as he is a piece of art so he would just spit at you. Haha

The next was a woman who was circling around 3 clocks which were on a tv screen and she was humming and singing on and off like she was meditating. Her exhibit was about her losing her son and she was passing the time (hence the clocks).

The most boring exhibit out of all of them was the man sat with plaster around his mouth and around his arm to leg trapping him in some sort of weird bind. He didn’t look at anyone and didn’t speak (duh obviously).

The next one was two women in the middle of a circle and they were drawing circles within a circle. They also had chalk around the circle and people were writing about equality and racial issues. This one was quite interesting to see the comments. I just remember one saying that hopefully one day we will break the boundaries.

The last one was soooooooook weird. Basically we didn’t go in it. You had to queue to get in. Was two in at a time and the artist (from what the board said) was naked and you had to sign a waiver to go in and see her and you had to wear rubber gloves. I just think it was about touching this woman in intimate areas… why else would you need gloves 😂 and sign a waiver. Just in case she is like that that film teeth down there hahaha!

I will never forget people’s faces when they came out. Like they were shocked 😂 haha!

We didn’t queue for it because the line was ridiculous.

Here are some pictures I was allowed to actually take :)!

Thailand – Madame Tussaud’s

I’m laughing already at the thought of this day because me and Abby are so extra when it comes to this place. There is one rule – you can’t act normal 😂

The Bangkok Madame Tussaud’s was not busy compared to others where you have to queue and wait your turn. We ended up having this random foreign man asking us to take pictures of him. It got annoying in the end so we held back and then an Indian family took over our job role haha!

Here are the photos of me and Abby at Madam Tussaud’s:

Bangkok – Day 1. 23:25pm

Finally here!

So looking forward to the tour starting on 4th of November.

Me and abs got into Bangkok at 5:30pm ish, got sorted and was here at Lub d Bangkok at 8:30pm ish. Showered and out and not we are sat at the front of our hotel having a drink.

Going to have an earlier night tonight just because we want a proper good nights sleep and hopefully she will go to Madame Tussaud’s tomorrow with me 😂I love stuff like that! Love having a proper laugh with celebs which are wax I dunno why 😂.

Here are some pictures from today –


Soooo Singapore airport was a laugh. We basically got off the plane from Dubai this morning at 8ish and then our flight wasn’t until 4pm so we had load and loads of time to go around the airport.

However me and Abby went to the sunflower garden (of course – favourite flower) and then we found the resting area and made ourselves little cube beds out of two chairs. It was amazing. I slept for 5/6 hours and it was amazing. Could hear the trickling fountain and it was so peaceful to say we were at the airport.

This is just a small blog post just because half of the time in Singapore I was asleep, but I took a few good snaps 👌🏻

Farewell Dubai

So our time in Dubai has come to and end. I will for sure be back one day as I have so much more I want to explore but I’ll make sure I bring enough money next time 😂

£400 for 4 days between 2 people just does not cut it. £20 is around 100 AED and we got 1,800 between us for the £400 and definitely was not enough. Not if you want to properly enjoy yourself and not worry about money.

I really enjoyed seeing the Burj Khalif but would definitely go up it next time as couldn’t on this journey as Abby is scared to death of heights. I would also have loved to have gone to see the Burj Al Arab, gone into the aquarium in the mall, gone ice skating in the mall and I would have loved to just had a full day on the beach (that’s not like me) but would have loved a proper chill.

Me and Abs are currently sat (2:25pm) in the hotel lobby waiting for 2 hours until we can set off to the airport. Our flight is at 8pm but we don’t want to be too early but also don’t want to be late of course. Airports stress me out, like the only time I actually feel happy (weirdly enough) is on the airplane cause I feel like for a certain amount of hours I can not think about picking up my bags, going through security etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that 😬

Last night we went to Claws BBQ opposite the mall, totally forgot that it was Halloween. Normally I’m dressed up and applying my makeup to have a night out with the girls but this year I was tucking into a basket of short ribs 😂

Hopefully next year I will be in Canada for Halloween and someone will want to dress up with me!

Can’t wait to actually get to Singapore airport either cause it’s meant to be a good experience with cinemas, lounge chairs and sunflower gardens along with free tours into Singapore.

Here are pictures below of CLAW BBQ and also the Burj Khalif.

Dubai day 3 ( better late than never)

So day 3, we went to Zero Gravity as it was ladies day. I’ve always wanted to go to a beach bar and when you see your mates in Ibiza at Ocean beach it always looks good (minus the drugs – unless that’s your thing).

We got there and got straight into the cocktails – 4 for 100 AED which is around £20. We had sea breeze, Cuba libre and gin cocktails all day. It really was great! I loved being able to just chill and not worry about what anyone thought about me. I’m a massive worry wart about what I look like but because it was ladies day I didn’t feel judged which is not what I am used to 😂.

Dubai isn’t good for losing weight though because you are being a full on tourist and wanting to eat at the best and snack on amazing things.

As you can see from above I was having a whale of a time ^ ✌🏻 (felt like one as well).

Me Emma and Abby at Zero Gravity 👏🏻

Abby the skinny so and so. 😩

Me and Emma 📌

This go pro is amazing!

I had black chicken burger sliders at Zero Gravity and they literally were the best burgers I’ve ever had. Hands down would go back just for the burgers if nothing else 😂 .

After we went to Zero Gravity we went for a meal at STK. I have popped on some pictures I took on the restaurant but I ate the food that quick so no pictures of the actual food. I did have the little burgers and the fillet steak along with 3 drinks we got for free cause it was ladies day. I don’t know why women go out to be fair unless it’s a Tuesday cause you get stuff for free 😂 someone start this in the UK please cause that’s a cracking idea. Where woman are men follow as well 👌🏻

Currently in Dubai mall again (day 4) having a smoothie at Markette ✌🏻

Had cake earlier as well at #hummingbirdbakery

Oh also was a fat cow and had McDonald’s for late dinner and the chips and drink were bloody massive. Easy an XL in UK sizes 😂

I’ll write an overall blog tomorrow when I’m sat in Singapore Airport waiting for our next flight to Bangkok ✌🏻

So the end of day 1.

Dubai –

So following the post from earlier (it is now 1am in Dubai – Technically the best day now) we went to the Dubai Mall. It was amazing! Who knew a mall could be full of such amazing shops (nothing I can afford), and Aquarium, cinema, ice rink and next to the tallest building in the world. It’s literally breathtaking so see all the buildings and I love immersing myself in all the culture.

Oh also – Strawberry and Apple Fanta- who knew! AmaZINGGGGGGG!

It’s weird here because there is not public displays of affection unless you are married but I find it so romantic at the same time. It’s bizarre! Never seen anything like it. Ima. Touchy feely kissy sort of person so I’m glad I’m not with anyone in Dubai. Would be torture not being able to hold their hand.

On another note- my lovely friend Emma bought me and Abby tea tonight for a leaving present. How lovely! It was bang outside a restaurant called Gunaydin – we got to see the lights on the Burj Khalif and also the fountains ⛲️ proper beautiful!

Anyway it’s late. Up for zero gravity tomorrow and a lot of beverages as it’s ladies day so I’m going to be very drunk I hope. Not been tipsy in ages 😩 not that I can remember anyway. Last week for my leaving do I was to be fair so dunno why I said that haha. Maybe the whole journey to Madrid made me forget hah!

Here are some pictures from today anyway so you can visually see what I mean –

Dubai – Story so far

Got to Dubai at 9:30 last night so nothing much we could really do but we were so hungry so for the first time ever me and Abs ordered room service. Thought it would be a fortune but to be fair it wasn’t and it was so tasty! I had a club sandwich and Abby had chicken Biryani.

Today we met Emma and went to Atlantis Water park at Atlantis The Palm. The rapids were amazing! Had such a good time. Do I think it was worth £75… no. But that’s the whole part of tourism. We did get a meal included with the £75 and we were there for opening and left when it closed.

Also didn’t bring any pants or a bra when I’ve just left the water park so I have a dress on and I’ve wrapped my self in my towel and then put my dress on top 😂 I am a mess!

Tomorrow we are off to Zero Gravity for Ladies day… lots of drunken pictures to follow. Bikini pictures are doubtful cause I feel like a whale but you can see what Dubai looks like from behind the camera 😂

Bilbao down to Madrid.

Sooooo, a week or so ago Will asked me if I wanted to go down with him on the Ferry to Spain (I leave at Madrid) en route to Gibraltar where he will be deployed for 2 years.

Today we got off the Ferry and made our way from Bilbao to Madrid. 320 miles, 3 and a half hours road trip 📌

I’ve got to say this is my first trip where I’ve literally left everything up to one person. Normally I am the one who organises everything and since meeting him I’ve became a little more care free. Not everything has to be timed or organised perfectly.

Today: He asked me to put in navigation towards a restaurant in Bilbao which we headed to, nearly went up a one way street in the middle of traffic and could not find a place to park. Will then decided to just make our way to Madrid but detour as and when needed, because of him we went to a beautiful Spanish restaurant in Bilbao called Untzigain (pictures to follow) and it was just perfect.

Just proved to me that sometimes the most perfect things are the ones you least expect and this was one of them.

Back to the UK for me tomorrow while Will heads to Gibraltar from Madrid. Going to be so hard leaving him, after speaking non stop since back end of July and then being around each other quite a lot to then go to nothing will be hard but I 100% agree with the saying nothing good or worthwhile comes easy.

literally gonna miss him loads. Don’t care. I’m not gonna come back from travelling don’t get me wrong as he’s in GIB anyway… but you can’t help thinking about someone. I’m just like that, I say how I feel and don’t say something I don’t mean. He’s literally the best lad I’ve ever met and that will be hard to leave behind.


“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

Love this! Quote from Make time to see the world.


Cannot actually believe how quick this trip is coming round!
You may be thinking… “what shes moaning about that for, shes not having to work!!”
Well the moaning is down to the fact that I am very anxious about being away from home. I know I’m 25 and I should’t be thinking about home when I’m off on this adventure, it just worries me.

I mean C’mon I can’t be the only one who gets nervous when they travel.
I’m so used to my dad organising everything and if something gets lost like passports or documents then you just blame him haha! This time I can’t blame him as its me looking after myself and my younger sister (whom has no common sense). It’s a big world out there and I can’t be sure what’s gonna happen. I know I need to take certain people’s advice and just live for the moment and wing it. I’m gonna try and hold it all together (try being the optimum word).

I’m really going to enjoy seeing new societies/cultures and I’m just going to immerse myself within blogging and taking photos and updating everyone along the way.

I want this experience to last as long as it possibly can so in years to come I can look back on my life and not regret the chances I didn’t take. I’ve been thinking about my 3 tours, then going on to do the 6 months working in Oz and then maybe Canada? I’ve always loved the idea of working in different places and just gaining more life experience. I know that when I finally do come back that everything will still be the same.
Everything but Harlow, Florence and Rory as they will have grown up so much and it upsets me knowing I will have missed that part of their lives but as long as I am back at one point that’s all that matters isn’t it :)!

Countdown to Dubai – 12 days!

New Laptop!


So happy to announce that I nave a new Dell laptop. My old Toshiba went to Jesus :(! RIP!
I finally have the means to write while I am travelling.

5 weeks tomorrow and I will be on the plane on my way to Dubai.
So exciting!

Creamfields 2018!

I decided this year to do Dreamfields  (Luxury Camping) and we bought a hut Thursday – Monday it cost us £475 but it was so so worth it!
My sister was livid at the time that I had just randomly bought the Dreamfields package and not even purchased the tickets but I wasn’t bothered.
We met these sound lads from Pontefract (UK) and they proper looked after us all weekend and really made the experience so much better!

I am going to upload a few of my photos so that you can see. You can also catch me on Instagram- @travellingyorkshirepudding I will be uploading pictures onto there as well.



Any questions on CREAMFIELDS – let me know!


So last Wednesday me and my sister went to #STAtravel and booked 3 tours!

Thumbs up to Lewis and Jack from Sheffield’s STA Travel store for helping me out, You guys are fab!

First tour –
Indochina discovery! – 30 days!
We get to visit Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in the tour.
I thought as a novice traveler I would go with a company for my first experiences.
A lot of people have commented on the costs of tour companies rather than doing it yourself but I have always been an advocate for trying things. Maybe it may have been cheaper if I just winged it, but its all about trial and error.

This post also may be good for fellow travelers who have not used a company or do not know how to go about visiting new places. In this blog I will be making sure I write all the good and all the bad experiences I have.
This is not just for your benefit of reading but also for the companies themselves to build on. I know I would always be open to peoples suggestions and first hand experiences and this helps build on a business.

2nd Tour-
Tru Travel – Bali Experience – 10 days!
I am really looking forward to this one!
I’ve always wanted to go and see Bali and I wasn’t sure in our time frame if we would be able to fit it in. Lewis however crammed it in and made it fit!

3rd Tour-
The Big Walkabout – Australia! 24 days! Darwin –> Sydney.
You can imagine how excited I am!!
This is the biggie! Cost the most out of all 3 tours.

We will Visit

Kakadu National Park
Tennant Creek
Alice Springs
Kings Creek Station

Surfers Paradise
Byron Bay
Coffs Harbour
Ending in Sydney
^^^^^ Yeah that’s right! How good is this!

All of our accommodation is included in the tour – Plus some breakfasts/Lunch and dinner options (Tea – If you are from where I am from it is – Brekkie, Dinner and Tea – Maybe supper? haha!).

One reason I went to STA Travel was because I knew that even if I don’t have any money for food left (I’ll go through bins if I’m Frank Marvin) I would have a roof over my head and be in the company of others. The group sizes are between 10-50 depending on the trip so you know you are going to make friends (hopefully friends who share food!) and this makes me feel comfortable and content.